My name is Tracy Hughes, I am 25 years old, and I work in the office as the Nursery Administrator.  I have lived in North Ayrshire all my life and my hobbies include going to the gym, travel and a recently discovered passion for DIY. I previously worked as a support worker in the community, supporting vulnerable and elderly adults. Although I enjoyed being a support worker, after 7 years in the job I felt a career change was best for me.

I took up employment on 4th January, and when this job became available, I felt that it was a perfect opportunity for me because I wanted to learn new skills and develop my strengths further.  I feel suited to an office environment and have a passion for planning and organising. I have a great deal to learn but I am enthusiastic, and going forward I hope I can make a difference by identifying aspects of my role that could be tweaked or improved for the benefit of everyone. It can be a challenging and demanding job at times, but I am keen and willing to learn to better myself.

Although I have only been with the nursery for a short period of time, I have felt very welcomed by the staff and visitors and have really enjoyed the interaction with the parents. Everyone here wants this to be a safe and enjoyable learning space for the children no matter what roles the staff have. Although I am not directly involved with the children, I know from seeing the joy and excitement in them that they are content and happy, and I look forward to supporting the staff and parents in my role to ensure that continues.